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Boat Check app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 8944 ratings )
Travel Sports
Developer: Dan Senatro
0.99 USD
Current version: 2.5, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 06 Aug 2009
App size: 3.99 Mb

Boat Check provides checklists to plan successful and safe boating experiences. Standard checklists cover various aspects of a cruise. Master lists are used to select items for a specific cruise or maintenance ToDos. Also keeps boat & key systems info.

Master checklist are key to selecting only items to take/plan a specific cruise or create checklists for Maintenance ToDo’s. This app will let you keep info such as sales, registration and insurance information. Also keep information about major systems such as electronics, engines, props etc

Set multiple destination data per trip such as location/marina, address, booking, etc and show a map of where you will stay or a satellite view.

The program comes populated with checklists and master lists broken down by groups and items to get you started. Checklists can be easily changed to fit your unique needs. .

Share lists with friends and other devices. Use iCloud, Peer to Peer Exchange, AirDrop or email. Utilize iTunes Share File feature to move checklists back and forth from your computer to create/edit with spreadsheet programs.

- Masters for Voyage planning & Maintenance planning
- Checklists for: Depart From Dock or Mooring, Depart With Boat on Trailer, Winterization, Boating Safety, First Aid Kit

- Minimal learning required and Help Screens available
- Record multiple destinations/booking information and then display on a map or satellite view
- Add, Delete, or Change lists and items/groups from any of the lists
- Copy/Paste groups across & within checklists
- Add a Quantity, Priority or Weight (Lb/Ounces or Kg/Grams) to any item
- Move checklists To/From your PC in .CSV format
- Backup & Restore plus sharing capabilities

As a team of one and retired your continued guidance on future versions is greatly appreciated!

NOTE: Maps are not Nautical … They are intended to locate land destinations.

Pros and cons of Boat Check app for iPhone and iPad

Boat Check app good for

Great app. Easy to tailor. Ability to check and uncheck items makes it truly useful. Great tech support
Thank you for this app. It has made my life easy Created my own list of items to check on trip making it a breeze to make sure all items are aboard. Also created check list for all maintenance items and check list to ensure all is in order on boat It would be great to add a calendar that would send out reminders for weekly or monthly to dos
I searched hi and low for an app like this. I have the developers camp and hike check list app, so I decided to try this one being I am a new boat owner, and would like to create good habits. This app is very customizable and does exactly what I need, create lists so I dont forget anything and make an expensive mistake. Plus the developer is very responsive and open to ideas. The last update has some suggested ideas that I offered. Thanks for the great app.

Some bad moments

Usually Boat Check iOS app used & searched for

moving checklist, moving checklist pro, and other. So, download free Boat Check .ipa to run this nice iOS application on iPhone and iPad.